Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something happened to the last post.

Yesterday we went with Marda, the Seminary and Institute office secretary to a get a few office supplies - we needed ink cartridges and some stuff. It was an unusual experience to say the least.
So glad to have a Congolese with us. She showed us the ropes. We went to two shops looking for cartridges =they were within a few blocks of each others. One was "off the Boulevard" and was too dangerous, too much street activity, and roaming vendors to go to alone.

The shops were "paper store" as they call them were very small - maybe 10 - 12 feet wide and about as deep. Displays hung on the wall - most behind glass - all for display, not for sale. e.g. plastic binders, scissors in shallow plastic covered cabinets - see displays on pictures posted on previous post.

When you wanted something, you told the clerk who was seated at a table in the center of the store what you wanted. He hand wrote it on a receipt book, like you would see before computers. After he listed item and price, you took the paperwork to the cashiers window (second picture) where the cashier takes your money, and yells at the guy in the back to bring your order out. Then bags the products and ceremoniously stamps the receipt.

Side note 1: We were looking for 3 ring binders to keep track of the 5 stakes with whom we are starting the Perpetual Education Fund. And a 3 hole punch. Unable to find a three who punch, we learned that they use two hole binders and two hole punches here.
Side note 2: The paper is a different size. A4 size (210X297mm) on my printer selection and is about 1/2 inch longer.
Side note 3: Prices were not too bad. The HP cartridge cost 30 USD.

We learn something new every day.

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  1. We are so proud of you guys! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, keep them coming!!!