Sunday, March 20, 2011


Bonjours tous,

We are well and things are going well. There are very many young adults anxious to participate in the Perpetual Education Fund. Four stakes are participating. Each recipient must qualify in three ways. 1. Worthiness as determined by Bishop and Stake President, 2. Have a real need - again as determined by priesthood leader, and 3. Ambitious - Again, determined by leadership.
Then they start the application process and complete a orientation fireside, and a career improvement workshop.

Suzanne and I are working with the Priesthood leaders in the four stakes. This week we visited the bank in which the young people will open bank accounts in preparation for their loan repayment. Next week we will begin visiting the schools to which we will provide funds for training and educational programs. Also, we will meet soon with the countries Minister of Education to make a presentation of what we are doing here.

Pictures and more soon.

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  1. We are so proud of you both. It sounds like fun times! stay safe, stay true, stay together. We love and miss you. James and Jennifer Howerton- Smith