Tuesday, March 29, 2011


From time to time, we will introduce you to our friends and colleagues in the Congo.

This is Didier. He is the Executive Secretary to the Country Coordinator for Seminaries and Institutes for 4 countries in central Africa.

Didier served a Mission and returned to the Congo. He made a decision to remain here, rather than going to South Africa or elsewhere, for school and work. He is one of the real pioneers. He remained here, went to school, and now works for the Church Education System. He is a leader in his family, the Church, and the community.

He speaks English very well. Working in the office next door to ours, he is always helpful. I have asked him to review emails or documents that I have prepared in French. He always cheerfully edits and often corrects my written French. He is always kind and helpful to Suzanne. She enjoys speaking English with him.

He always has a smile and a pleasant word.

He married and has a little baby. They have saved enough money now to go to South Africa to be sealed in the Temple. It is expensive for our members in the Congo to go to the Temple. They go to South Africa. The travel documents are sometimes tedious to obtain, and the flight is expensive. He is very excited about going.

Didier is an example of the dedication and commitment of the Congolese members of the Church. They are true Christians, they don't have a lot, but they are happy, industrious, and committed.
We feel fortunate to call them our friends.

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