Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is our bishop's daughter. I don't think that is actually snot on her nose. She had just finished a banana and I think she was a little messy.

On a side note: This is days 18 if monkey watch. I have yet to see a monkey. Very disappointing.

We actually went to a fast food restaurant on Thursday. We were out visiting schools in order to qualify them for the Perpetual Education fund. We went to a chicken fast food. I looked in the kitchen to see if it was actually monkey, but no, it was chicken. It was actually clean and we had 1/2 chicken and fries for $5.00.

This afternoon, Sunday, we went for a nice walk along the Congo. It was nice. The temperature was in the nineties, with no breeze, but still it was nice to enjoy.

There is a great Humanitarian Missionary Couple here. They are working on more clean water projects. A second Humanitarian Missionary Couple from Church headquarters is also here for the week. A third couple, serving in Uganda will be in tomorrow. The Uganda couple will spend the night with us. They are all going to Laputa, where the Church has a clean water project. Since it opened a year or so ago, over 250,000 people have moved there to access the water. The Humanitarian Couples are searching for new water sites. It seems spring and mountain run off waters are a good source of clean water, in addition to the ground wells. It is such a great project. Over 85% of Africa has bad water. The lives that this project has saved from water-borne illness are numerous. These couple have remarkable stories of mothers who thank them for saving the lives of their children.

We love this opportunity. Any of you "old fogies" reading this, think seriously about serving a mission soon. We have received untold blessings and tender mercies since we decided to serve.

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