Thursday, March 31, 2011


I figured out how to upload video off of our Flip. This is the street scene outside of our apartment. We are on the 5 floor. For you Francophone, you will know that that is called the fourth floor. The ground floor is the RC. So, floor numbering starts with 1 on the actual second floor. It all makes sense after awhile.

Note the concrete and wire of our front wall. The plaza out front is very busy. Many people grab the "transport" there.
Also note the chaos of the cars. The street leading into the plaza is the main Boulevard in the center of the business district. There is a round about just beyond this picture that circles the plaza. Logic would tell you to make the circle, but many drivers just cross traffic and honk.

The Blue and Yellow rigs are the major "transports." They can pack 20 or 30 people inside of them. I will get a video of the loading and unloading, which is interesting.

The Congo Franc is the currency here. The largest bill is a 500 FC, with the equivalence of 50 cents. When one exits the "transport," one gives the driver's assistant 500 FC. So, it costs about 50 cents to take a transport. At this point, we have not taken a transport. Suzanne does not think its a good idea. Actually, as if common sense told us to stay off of them, we have been warned not to ride one.

The "transport" drivers give a new meaning to "Quick and the Dead." You never know when one may stop, turn, slide, or who knows what into you. It make driving a great adventure.

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