Sunday, July 17, 2011

Help, sister missionaries held by pygmies

Well, at first we thought they were pygmies, but it turned out to be a group of children in native tribal costume who preformed at the grand opening of a new clean water well.
You know that water is critical here. The Humanitarian Services Couple have been working on a project to bring clean water to a major hospital. This hospital is located in an area of Kinshasa called Liberte. It is a very populous area, probably 5 to 6 million people. This hospital delivers 80% of the babies in the area.
The project includes a well, pump station, water holding tank, pipes leading into the hospital, and a public water spout with a concrete gathering area.
Our friend Doctor Ngoy, who gives so much of his time to the neo-natal resuscitation project, practices at this hospital. It is primarily a OB GYN hospital.
The clean water well will serve the hospital and surrounding neighborhoods.
I had a conversation with Dr. Ngoy at the ceremony. He said how thankful he was for the clean water. They deliver several thousand babies a year. With the neo-natal resuscitation principles, they save many lives. But still without clean water many mothers and babies die needlessly from water borne contaminants and general lack of sanitation.
He said, "can you imagine doing surgery with no clean water in which to wash your hands?" "This is a great gift from God, now we will save even more mothers and babies."
The Church is so awesome in its scope of assistance to those who need assistance.
Saint Joseph's hospital is run by the Catholic Church, they have done great humanitarian activities in the Congo. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has teamed up with them on many issues.
The hospital administrator and the Catholic Priest who is responsible for the hospital praised the Church's efforts and thanked the Church for its contribution to the health of patients, staff, and others who will enjoy the clean water.
The ceremony and ribbon cutting was well done. It started on time and was well organized. The troop of African youth performed several dances. I will try to upload a brief video, but generally the internet is just too slow to be effective.
All in all, it is a heart warming and heart changing experience. We are so grateful for the direction of the Prophet to render assistance to those in need.
We do not know how many lives will be saved by the simple addition of a clean water well, but certainly many will be.
Anyone who gives to the Humanitarian program or LDS Charities, has to receive blessings vicariously for their contributions.

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