Monday, July 4, 2011



We celebrated Congo Independence Day on June 30. This marks the day that the DR Congo gained its independence from Belgium.

It, of course is a national holliday, and we had the day of. Today is July 4th, and we are working. We are glad to be Americans and enjoy the freedoms of the USA.

We are also glad to be temporary Congolese, and love this country and its people.

On 30 June, we had a BBQ on the deck/patio/roof of the Hatch's downstairs from us.

In additon to the the couple missionaries, we invited the new mission president and his wife - really good people - he is a retired College French Teacher from Arizona. They previously served as a missionary couple in this mission, so he can hit the ground running.

Also, we invited our next door neighbor, a young women with USAID from Washington DC, and two young men who are here on internship with US Dept of State (one is a returned French Missionary entering the Masters of Public Administration at UofU, and his roomate, also on internship, and a grad student at William and Marys College.

Two women are here from SLC adopting orpans from "our little orphanage," and they and the children were also there.

We made blue cheese hamburgers (Karven style) and made kabobs of pineapple with "limoy" powder (I really have no idea how to spell it) and chicken.

It was almost like home.

We ate, talked, and had a good time.

We thought you might enjoy the pictures.

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