Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today, we did not have anything on our agenda. Usually on Saturday, we have a meeting of some kind. For the next several Saturdays, we have Young Adult Conferences, Employment Resource Career Conferences, and Perpetual Education Council Meetings. Because there are no evening meetings in the church here (1. Too risky to be out after dark, 2. Mosquito time) we hold a lot of meetings during the day on Saturday.

We usually go shopping on Saturday am. If we get to the grocery stores by 8:00 am. We have lots of options. In the first picture, the orange building is a block away from our apartment. Hassan and Frere. It is a Jewish/Lebanese market. We like their meat and cheese. They honor the Jewish Sabbath and close Friday at sundown and stay closed until Sat. at sundown. So, we cannot shop there on Saturday a.m.

The next photos are on the way to City Market. From the roof, the city looks better than it does from street level. These pictures are of the streets on the way to city market. Please note the one where you can see street entrepreneurs - one shows a barber shop (this is where Suzanne goes - not) and next to it is the local copy center. Some enterprising young man has an old photocopier (don't know where the electricity comes from). He always has a line of people waiting to make copies. He also seems to sell pre-paid phone cards, and on his electrical cord he has cell phone charger and charges to recharge one's cell phone.

Also pictured is our favorite fruit stand. "Mama" speaks French, English, Lingali, and probably some swahilli. She is very nice and always picks out good fruits and vegetables for us.

The small street shop (actually people sitting on the ground or a plastic chair selling stuff) is an option.

Finally, there is "bread on the head lady" or there is" 7-11 on the head lady." You can always grab a quick meal from them.

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