Monday, April 4, 2011


Above are pictures of two classrooms of schools we visited The one on the left is a sewing school. If one knows how to sew, one can make a pretty good living making dresses, etc. We will show some of the beautiful Congolese dresses.

The second picture is a electrical wiring classroom. There are many opportunities for individuals with electrical, refrigeration, and air conditioning skills. Either a an entrepreneur or working for a construction company. We have also visit computer, manufacturing, and general business schools.

Russell is working with us on qualifying schools.

Russell and his family are our new friends in the Congo. Russell is the Assistant Manager of the Employment Resource Center (ERS) in Kinshasa. He is a very important player in the PEF program. Russell teaches Career Workshops to those seeking employment. These workshops help individuals identify their strengths-weaknesses, interests-talents, and career direction. Additionally, the ERS identifies market conditions, career availabilities, and current job openings.

Russell is instrumental in assisting PEF applicants in their career preparation. He counsels, teaches, mentors, and supports.

He travels throughout the country teaching career workshops.

He has also be assisting us in qualifying schools for the PEF program. Again, our goal is to help young adults gain education that will get them jobs. He is very good at directing people to the correct schooling for available jobs.

Russell is the Bishop of his ward. They have two children. He and his wife both have college education, he has a masters degree in communications. He served his mission, returned home, gained an education, married in the Temple, has a small family, and is contributing as a leader in his home, his church, and in the community. He is one of our heroes.

It was Russell who was with us when we got dragged off the the police station.

Suzanne is going to start teaching his wife piano. She wants to learn so she can teach others in their ward. Both of them have college educations and are smart fun people.

He is one of the key leaders in the Congo. He knows the value of training the next generation.


  1. Mom, it sounds like you could have a promising retirement in Congo teaching piano and sewing clothes.

  2. Suzanne, now to the important stuff - where did you get that beautiful turquoise skirt?