Sunday, July 29, 2012

Orphanage Bed and Clothing Project

This Saturday, we had a bed and clothing party at the orphanage. The little orphanage needs so much, and has so little. The owner of the orphanage has a heart the size of the continent of Africa. Earlier this year when we first visited the orphanage, we assessed the great need. One of the adoption agencies from the US was with us on that trip. We knew that we wanted to do something. As missionaries we are limited in the scope of what we can do. The adoption agency representative, a truly wonderful women, took it upon herself to raise money to repair the building so a school could be maintained in an acceptable room. She is continuing with that project. She was at the orphanage on Saturday, and we met the engineer who is competing her project who was also there. During our first visit determined at that time to do something. Since the children were sleeping on the ground, we thought we could make beds for them. Elder Billings, the construction program missionary said under his direction, we could make beds for them. The sisters decided to make clothing for the kids. Saturday, the beds and clothing were finished and we took them out. Five bunk beds and a new outfit for each child. The following is a pictorial glimpse of the project. Under a separate correspondence, we have thanked those who generously gave of their money to help finance the project. We thank them again.
preparing the assemble bunk beds. Mission President Jameson and Elder Billings.
Elder Smith working on beds as children watch
Suzane and adoption agency person
Orphanage owner and vision impaired young man that has been their since birth. He liked his new shirt and shorts.
Children loved the beds. Sorry this is so dark. I ran out of battery on my flash camera and took this with the iPod. (Note to Apple, put flash on iPods.)
The stake president, who came by to see how it was going, with the mission president.
We feel truly blessed by the generosity and goodwill of our friends and the will always remember he love of these beautiful children.
As usual, the children bid us a fond farewell. They call, au revoir, (French), Byo, (Lingala), Bye Bye...

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