Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wheel chair for one (or one and a little one)

Some days just turn out to be the best ever. So, today we are out visiting schools with our friend and assistant manager of the Employment Resource Center, Bishop Russel Mbaya, when the phone rings. It is the Binghams, our Humanitarian Couple. Elder Bingham asks, "have you seen Bishop Mbays?" "He is sitting in the car with us right now," we responded. " Good, we have a wheelchair for the sister in his ward who needs it." said Elder Bingham. "Well, we can meet you at your office."
And, we did. They had two wheel chairs in the back of their truck. One for the sister in Bishop Mbaya's ward, and one for the son of the man who works as a janitor at the Church's Temporal Affairs building. When we arrived just before the Binghams, we were talking to the man. When the Binghams arrived and he saw the wheelchair, he ran to Elder Bingham and hugged him. (Elder Bingham is the 6'5' giant and this man is about 4'10", so it was a cool sight). His son is 50 years old and has been unable to get around for many years.
So, the Binghams told him we would be back for him. (Actually, I told him the Binghams would be back for him, as Elder Bingham does not speak French.)
Then we all loaded in the truck and went to find Bishop Mbaya's ward member. We went down the back roads and to her house. She was sitting in front of her house where she sells vegetables to the neighbors. When she saw us, she was beyond herself. He chair had broken some years ago and she could crawl to the street to sell her vegetables.
The pictures are of her, her new chair, and her bishop and the Binghams.
It was quite an event and the whole neighborhood turned out.
Note the little boy sitting on the front of the chair. He must be no more than two years old. As soon as she got into the chair, he scrambled up onto it and would not get off.
The children of the neighborhood thought it was a great sight. They all wanted to have their picture taken.
This is your welfare dollars at work. Please don't let anyone tell you that these funds are not necessary and urgent.

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